Poulton FC started the game with a promising rhythm, as Max Landless opened the scoreline at the 11th minute, courtesy of an exquisite assist from Dominik Gil. The team’s lead was further solidified by Nathan Townsend’s goal at the 24th minute, showcasing the squad’s cohesive play and offensive prowess. Despite Lostock’s attempts, Poulton’s defense, led by Adam Ridings’ crucial save at the 29th minute, remained resolute. Lostock’s offensive efforts, including an attempt at the 40th minute and a chip maneuver at the 44th minute, were met with Poulton’s vigilant defense, leaving them unable to capitalize on their opportunities. As the first half concluded, Ryan Charnley’s corner found Neil Unsworth’s head, only to be caught by the keeper, maintaining the scoreline at 2-0 as the teams headed into halftime.

The second half commenced with a free kick opportunity for Poulton, orchestrated by Ryan Charnley at the 47th minute, which unfortunately was caught by the keeper. Lostock, determined to narrow the gap, intensified their offensive efforts, resulting in several attempts within Poulton’s box at the 49th and 57th minutes. Poulton’s defense, however, remained steadfast, thwarting Lostock’s advances. At the 57th minute mark, a Lostock player was sin-binned, disrupting their momentum temporarily. Poulton made a strategic substitution, with Jarred Bain replacing Max Landless at the 58th minute, aiming to reinforce their attacking options. Despite Jarred Bain’s attempt at the 69th minute, which narrowly missed the mark, Lostock managed to claw their way back into the game, scoring three consecutive goals at the 72nd, 75th, and 79th minutes, respectively, equalizing the scoreline at 2-2 before taking the lead. Poulton’s defense, though valiant, was unable to prevent Lostock’s relentless assault, culminating in a penalty awarded to Lostock at the 83rd minute, extending their lead to 2-4. As the match approached its conclusion, Hayden Wrathall was subbed on for Billy McKenna at the 85th minute in a bid to rejuvenate Poulton’s attack. Despite their best efforts, Poulton conceded another goal at the 90th minute, sealing Lostock’s victory with a final scoreline of 2-5.

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